Last year, around this time, we introduced our Winter Wedding Photography Package – The Memory Box.

Then things went a bit nuts. It appears that you people actually like getting married in the harsh and freezing winter! I guess it takes all sorts…

Well, as it happens, I really enjoy shooting Winter Weddings too. There’s something magical about the light. There’s something intimate about the dark and cosy evenings. Sure, it might rain/sleet/snow, but we don’t care because we’ve got a roaring fire and a warmed up dance floor!

Exclusive low priced winter wedding photography.

So January and February 2015 was a huge success and saw me dancing on tables in secret London Pubs, popping sparklers in cold and foggy nights, and enjoying some of the best parties that side of Christmas. Who said December was the Party Season?!

For 2016 we’re going bigger and better. – Firstly the price. £1000 was a great offer in 2015 and we made it work. In January and February you could have all day coverage, and unlimited photography,  & 500+ High resolution Print ready images from your wedding. Not bad.

This year is going to be £850 all in. Oh, and we’re extending into March if there’s enough interest.

So. Your full package will be this:

Memory Box 2016 Banner

It’s a fantastic deal & a great experience and a real joy to be able to offer this again at this level.

This only really worked last year when people started sharing this on Facebook, so even if you’re here, but not getting married in Winter 2016 (I can’t think why not?!!) – please do share and tell as many people as possible – you never know – we might inspire someone to get those last minute plans under way!

Basic terms and conditions apply: To keep costs down and make this ridiculous price possible I might need to ask for nominal travel expenses outside of Surrey, and there is no cash alternative etc. Dates are open right now, but I expect will become limited – once I’m booked, I’m obviously unavailable. £150 secures the date. 

This is Winter Wedding Photography – This is Alexander Leaman






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