Yoga PORTRAIT Photographer SurreyI photograph a lot of weddings! A lot. It’s great and all consuming at the same time. I need balance. This is why I also carry on shooting personal projects alongside my main line of work. Some of them will never see the light of day, and then some of them become little favourites. Being a Yoga Portrait Photographer is one of my favourites!

It’s something that’s personal to me, and I’m interested in the lifestyle and mental focus of the people who I meet who are so much more absorbed in Yoga than I am. Photographically I’m attracted to the elegant body form and the duality of strength and lightness – Motion into stillness. I practice Yoga – it’s a very private thing for me, and I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s a great leveller and the people I know who are into Yoga are wholistic and engaged.

As personal projects go, being a Yoga Portrait Photographer is about taking my time and being patient. The subject reveals itself to me and I try to stand back and be informed about what I’m going to get, photographically speaking, rather than having a pre-defined mental image of ‘What I’m Looking For’ in the portrait.

And that’s what it is. They become less about the poses and more about the person. The Asanas are universal in some respects – a learned sequence or pose that builds and becomes the person, who in turn becomes the pose. It becomes less technical and more organic or more expressive – the individual exists within their practice and the technique is only possible because of that person’s inner strength.

Ultimately, it’s an incredibly powerful and honest expression. No pretence, and no immediate external agenda. It’s a device for me as a portraitist to get closer, in a new way, to the character of the person.

So far this project has been largely photographing yogis I know, which has been a great way to get to the centre of something quickly. Now I’m taking this a step further again, and will be putting together shoots for new people that I don’t know (yet!) to see how close to this kind of portrait I can get.

I’ve put together a Yoga Portrait Photographer package that is a lot less than my portrait session fee and is based on individual sessions within a group session. Ideally a class that would like this kind of portrait, or a teacher or instructor who needs some promotional photography. The whole point is that I want to work with you to create something special for us both.


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If you would like to have your Yoga Portrait, either by yourself or even with your group, then please do get in touch and we can work out a session for you. Yoga teachers and studios – I’d be happy to work something out with you if you want to contact me. Just ask!


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