Getting married is a big deal, but it’s often hard to know what you’re going to feel like on the day.

You’ve been together for a while, you’re a couple. You think together, you travel together, and you are growing together, getting deeper entwined and as close to one other person as anybody ever was. Your family and your friends know you as individuals, but nobody knows exactly how you are when it’s just the both of you – “us against the world”.

Getting married is your contract, your commitment to each other, and it means more than just one day. The wedding is almost the smallest part of your being together, but at the same time it’s the greatest show on earth. It will be your statement to the world and tough it can’t completely define you it can be the centre point of that statement.




Of course everything has to be about your story and your uniqueness. Everything has to be a perfect description of the who, how, and why. Subtle or brash your wedding has to be everything you’ve learned as well as embracing new beginnings and the undiscovered.

Right now you might imagine that your wedding will feel like any other day. It’s an event that you’re certain of, and you’ll naturally ride the day just as you take in any other exciting part of life. You might feel that you’ll experience the day almost in the third person, and that the day itself will come and go as you fit in around it, like an abstract dream.

The truth is that most of us can’t guess what it’s going to feel like. I’ve seen the calmest people flutter, and I’ve seen people who I thought were going to be highly strung sail gently through. Tough boys breaking down when she walks up the aisle, and the softest girls becoming strong and empowered.

At nearly every wedding I’ve photographed I’ve witnessed people rising up, showing truly who they are by simply being the best of themselves. You can’t pretend how you’re going to feel. Those emotions have a way of coming to the surface and beaming out, shining bright.




I can’t tell you how you’re going to feel.

Everybody’s different, and this makes every wedding unique. The format might be roughly the same, but I can’t guess how your wedding is going to pan out.

Quiet? Intimate?

Loud, and excitable? Emotional?


What I can do is get involved. It’s what I do. From the moment we start talking I’m hooked. I’m invested in getting to know as much about you as I can. Your pre wedding ‘Together Shoot’ is all about that – finding out more about your story as a couple. Breaking down the photographer bit. Getting to the people bit. You two take up a space that nobody else can. When you’re together, and you’re close, nobody can touch you.

But I can see it. And I can capture it.

It takes a lot of work to know how to get in there without disturbing something that is ultimately private, but it’s worth the work. It gets better results.

It’s a collaboration. A good photographer needs a couple to feel like they’re amazing. Natural, honest, and authentic, but confident that you are amazing. Great photography can do this – can make you feel exactly as you know you will, even if you don’t know it yet.


Please get in touch with me if you want to find out more and help me to get to where you need to get to.


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