This is just a quick one as I’m tying up the edit. Sometimes photographs are almost just the way I want them to be, straight from the camera. I tend not to crop later, and like to use the flu frame to capture things the way they are in front of me. If I need to crop, I’ll move to the better vantage point!

However, some images require a certain amount of a attention to make them sparkle, and that might be in production later. This photograph is one of those images that look simple on the face of things but has actually required some skill to get it where I want it. There’s quite a lot going on here, it shows more of my documentary wedding photography style that I don’t show enough of here. I wanted this particular image to stand on it’s own and tell it’s own story, but although there has been a lot going into it hopefully the result is seamless.

I love it – it’s one of my favourite pictures from this part of the day – Loseley Park is a great venue for weddings but it’s also a good place to get ready before the ceremony, so do check it out.

reportage wedding photographer at Loseley Park, Loseley House

Fuji X100s, wcl converter, ISO 3200, ƒ2, 125th, Aperture/Photoshop CC

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