We’re having a bit of a Summer Sale. For a limited time you will be able to book any of our packages for up to £350 off. That’s 10%, 15%, or 20% depending on the package you go for. Our Sapphire Winter Wedding Package remains an unbeatable £1000 for now, but these Core Collections are currently on offer.

You have to book before midnight on July 17th this year to qualify for the discount. A Deposit of £200 secures the date.

It’s the same photography, the same attendance, and the same careful attention to detail – the same commitment to your wedding story. You will have access to our unrivalled and very bespoke Fusion albums, and the best services in the business. Everything we do is designed to make your experience count. We want you to have an unforgettable day, and now we’re making that even better value than before.

It’s a limited promotion, and we’ll be restructuring our prices completely at the end of July. We’re expecting to fill a lot of our 2018 still-available dates, but there are also dates available for 2017, and we’re offering even better rates for those last minute bookings. So you might need to ask about that…

Dates are limited only by the fact that there is always competition for the Fridays and Saturdays, especially in the Summer season. We can only be in one place at any given time!

These prices aren’t about chopping off services to get to a low price. It’s the same commitment to providing wedding photography that counts, at a price that will help any budget.

In an ever changing landscape in business and professional services like in the wedding industry, there become new and more efficient ways of working. Some of it is technology driven – new cameras, new software etc, and some of it is market driven, which really comes down to understanding the core and heart of what people actually want in 2017 and beyond.

It means we have two choices:

We can continue putting our prices up to catch the new wave, (and believe me, that is a very tempting path!) or, we can look at how we can do the exact opposite of that but without compromising on the quality that our couples book us for, and work even harder to make that sustainable.

We found a way to meet that challenge, and it’s potentially groundbreaking.

We need your help – the more people that find out about us and book us, then the easier it is for us to continue putting more resources into the photography, and less into marketing and getting our message out there. In the first instance it might mean that we will have to put the prices back up – it really depends on how many bookings we get, and how effective this promotion is. If all goes well we will ultimately be able to adjust the pricing to better reflect what people want from their photography, and how much of that we can deliver without negatively impacting our business. I don’t know if we’ll be able to sustain the prices in this promotion, but we’ll see. This is probably about as low as we can get for the services we offer.

The upshot of this is, of course, that the photography continues to get better, more focussed, and more refined, and at the end of the day, the quality of the pictures from your wedding are, and will always be our no.1 priority.

It’s a tight rope, but we think we’ve got our balance just right.

We want to photograph your wedding, and we want you to have unrivalled value for money. There’s not much more to it than that.

Get in touch to find out more.

Download this Data Sheet & Wedding Photography Voucher for details and get in touch as soon as you can.



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Godalming Wedding Photographer



Our Quick Terms and conditions: 

  1. Depending on availability – If we’re already booked for your date we can’t shoot your wedding!
  2. The offer is for new bookings confirmed between these dates: 15th June 2017 and 17th July 2017
  3. Discount applies to all weddings within a 50 mile radius Godalming, Surrey.
  4. Discount available for weddings with up to 130 guests.
  5. This Discount price is not available for key dates over the Christmas Holiday period
  6. Our usual referral program still applies – please ask for details.


Surrey Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman Photography. We’re booking weddings in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and the South East. We’re working a lot in Dorset these days, so please get in touch if you’re headed that way…Ask us how we can make your wedding photography the absolute best that it can be, without breaking the bank.













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