A couple of weeks ago I blogged a blinding wedding from Busbridge Lakes – Claire and Chris, in the rain, having a great time. That’s here:

What’s The Story With Busbridge Lakes? Experiencing A Magical New Wedding Venue


It was our first wedding at Busbridge Lakes in the surrey countryside and even though we were hit by some extremely wet Summer weather, it went off with a bang and we all had an amazing time, most of all Claire & Chris.


Mari & Sean had a similar story. They were another couple who were booked in with Clandon Park and had to scramble after the fire to find a new venue. I spoke to Mari as soon as we could after Clandon burning to try to figure out what was going to be next. She wanted me to help find a new location with her and it was really easy to suggest Busbridge Lakes as I knew it would be right for them. She was understandably nervous about shifting the whole event to a new venue, so I suggested that they could have their pre-wedding shoot there to get a feel for it.

And so we met there on a lovely sunny day to get into their Together shoot. This was a great opportunity to get them both in front of the camera and try out a few things, but also to do a full recce of the entire site.

One thing we learned – it’s big!

It quickly became clear that we were going to be spoiled for choice and of courser having some nice weather to work with really gave us a good swing at things.

These are the pictures from that engagement shoot, and please click through to Pt 3 below to see the wedding.











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