A winter wedding doesn’t always have to mean horizontal rain and snow and trying to get your wedding photographs done in a dingy basement of a damp hotel (although this can and does happen).

This shot is from this weekend just gone (11th Jan). It’s Amy in her gorgeous, far from winter overcoat wedding dress. It goes to show that you can wear what you want whether your wedding is in the height of Summer (raincoat, wedding wellies) or in the midst of winter (evening gown) and every now and then you can get away with it.

Amy did. The sun can cast a lovely light if you get it in the winter months. We caught this just right before coming in to sit by the warmth of a roaring fire at Cannizaro House in Wimbledon… A stunning venue, just perfect for a wedding inside or out. It just so happens that we did both…

More to come from this, but for now , just One Frame.


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