I’ve known Lawrence for years now. We used to hang out when I lived in London and as history imploded a bunch of us went our separate ways.

You know. Life.

So we haven’t seen each other for around 10 years. Just after I got married I moved out of London into leafy Surrey where I now live. Larry’s also moved around a bit, and now runs a pub/restaurant up by Virginia Water, which turned out to be the only choice for shooting His and Urszula’s Together Shoot.

And that was always the thing about Larry. I just walked in there and we picked up as if it’d only been a couple of days since we last saw each other. Easy. It was always going to be. He bought me a pint too.

Meeting Ursula was a real treat too, and I can’t wait for their Somerset wedding in a few weeks. I’m really happy for them…

Turns out they’ve got a lot of big things going on in their lives and it was really nice to see and recognise this in their portrait. Really together, really private, really natural in each other’s space. I can really see a sense of “You and me against the World” in these pictures – it’s what it’s all about.


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