Transform Your Wedding Photography from O.K to ‘Awesome’ with one trick.

Disclaimer :

“Awesome” is, I’m aware, rather overused as a generic adjective today, probably especially by myself. But I’m a photographer, and there are very few words available that describe what I do in a more succinct or radiant manner. I’m not ready to refer to my photography as splendiferous quite yet.

Your wedding photography can always be O.K. for one reason: It’s Your Wedding!

You’re going to be there, your friends and family are going to be there, and hopefully your fiancé is going to be there. Looking back at the pictures, whatever you do, they’re going to always be O.K.

But what if you want them to be the ultimate expression of who you are?

What if your wedding photographs just have to capture more than just what it looked like to be there?

What if O.K isn’t enough?



Your Wedding photography needs to be Awesome. Withe a capital ‘A’.

Your Wedding photography needs to blow you away with the sheer depth of visibility and emotion that hits you when you see them.

And that stays with you.

I can turn up to any wedding and make great photographs. I can work really hard to unearth some of that awesome, and the photographs are a great representation of the story of the day.

Or…  I can include the pre-wedding shoot as a complimentary extra into my Core Package Pricing, giving every one of my couples the chance to get in front of the camera, while I get the opportunity to find out a little more about them.




Getting to know people, and stepping into their world before the wedding can provide real insight into what their story really is. How did they get together? How does their body language sync and spark? Where are they on this journey and where are they headed? Couples fit together in a completely unique way that any other couple just can’t, and how people interact is the thing that I’m looking for when digging for that portrait. Having this insight is invaluable when it comes to photographing the wedding day – by then we’ve already found a way in, and I’m close to the heart of the story before I’ve even started.



Don’t worry – it’s not an interview. It’s not prying. It’s more natural, more gentle than that.

Different people have different levels of privacy. It’s my job to find a window into that, just enough for me to peek in and try to capture it. I only want to reveal something that might just be visible to those two people. Photographs have an inherent power stir up emotions a long time after the event.

That’s when only Awesome will do.

For me O.K doesn’t cut it.


Please share this post and comment below, and please contact me if you would like to find out more about your pre-wedding shoot, and how I can make your Wedding Photography experience all the more Awesome.


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