It rained. It kept on raining. Then it rained some more.
We met as the rain started, had a cup of tea while all secretly hoping for the weather to just go away. It didn’t.

Still, Rebecca and Paul (he knows about robots!) were in good spirits, so we just got outside and started with their Together shoot.

And I’m really glad we did – there’s a great personality and actually a lot of brightness in these pictures. It’s sometimes the best thing for me to be forced into a situation, change my well laid plans and act spontaneously. Being restricted by the weather just means that I have to find a way to make it work. Most of these pictures were made within around a 200 metre radius, just using a small area not too far from the car and finding whatever shelter we could. Having willing subjects who didn’t mind darting into the rain every now and then was also a real bonus!

So in the end it was fun and we got some surprisingly summery pictures thrown in for good measure.

…On to the wedding


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