Tithe barn Hampshire

Another quick Photograph from the archives today – this one from The Tithe Barn in Hampshire.

It’s not a venue I’ve shot at many times, and I’d love to photograph weddings at the Tithe Barn a lot more! This one was from Helen & Steve’s magnificent wedding a few years ago. It was probably the wettest wedding I had covered up to that point, but it didn’t matter because the barn is such a lush building that there’s plenty of opportunity for photos inside.

We had a great session using this sofa as a prop, with everybody literally piling on to have their picture taken. It turned out to be like a more luxury high end photo booth, but without the silly moustaches!

Great fun, and I think after that I started introducing a version of this style of shooting as a Photo-Booth option with a difference, and have been doing them  since.

Just one frame from the archives.


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