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Natural, colourful photography, and genuine moments. Capturing people together in this authentic way, without pretence, is what I love about photography…




I’m a professional full time Wedding Photographer. I live in Godalming in Surrey. I work all over the UK – a lot in the South, but throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. 

With photography I make a carefully refined, simple, and powerful document of your wedding, your way, with your people. It’s about finding your narrative and telling your authentic story through pictures.

I’ve Worked in the fashion industry, managed studios, been a set builder, a lighting technician. I’ve been shooting weddings professionally for over 10 years & my first wedding was in 2003. I’ve been developing my style and approach to photographing people ever since. I’m really plugged in to the psychology of it all and I truly believe in the importance of photographs in all our lives. For me it’s primarily about the simplicity of great pictures, and the best photography has the ability to capture a moment in time with a great emotional impact.

I use natural & available light & an engaged immersive approach to capture a unique mix of premium editorial photography & hi-art portraiture bound by a quintessence of documentary storytelling. 

I sincerely love weddings because I love the story of two people falling in love and wanting to be together. It makes me feel good about life, and the future, and it’s who I am too. I love photographing people and love knowing that my photography will be precious and magical for years to come.

I come from and live in music. I’ll play a guitar or piano if there’s one around. For years my calendar would pivot around the Glastonbury Festival. I played there once.

I live and work with the love of my life, our twins Martha and Rose, and their brother Ed. We spend most of our time in Surrey and Scotland and I work and travel throughout the UK

Have a look around my social media for more about my day-to-day, especially Instagram & Facebook. Also jump onto my testimonials page to see the love letters that couples have sent me.


Hi! I’m Carrie, the other half of Alexander Leaman Photography. Officially, I’m the Production Manager – which basically means if it needs doing, I’m doing it.

I’m the one who you might never see, but I’m busying away making sure things run smoothly and I’m focussed on you and what your story is and can be. There’s so much to do with the photographic styling, the approach, and the editing and album layouts, and we work very closely together to make sure that your expectations are met – then we go that little bit further to give you that extra WOW!

I’m a mummy, with three beautiful children in tow, and Jason and I have been married for 12 years. We loved our wedding, and we get how weddings work – the passing of time, the gravitational spin in our lives. We know how important it is to get your photography right.

We’re pretty down to earth & accessible here. I’m all about keeping it simple (having three very young children has had a hand in pushing this philosophy!) and not pretentious, but totally in love with the poetry and drama in great wedding photography. I know there’s a lot of reportage style photography around at the moment, but there’s nothing wrong with getting your loved ones in front of the camera for a few formal photos, and Jason is great at getting those shots without being stuffy or boring about it too!

It’s great to have two pairs of eyes to critically oversee projects, and we manage to push things forwards from both a male and female perspective. Everything we do is about working closely together with one goal in mind – your happiness and the experience you have should be a joyous thing. We’re a luxury service and a big part of your budget and planning – we know that – but we really try hard to make high quality wedding photography accessible and available to everyone. We’re always working on simplifying & refining our product to make sure that we’re not over-selling.

We want you to not only get the best photography available, but also feel absolutely great about the whole process.

Your story is happening right now – you’re travelling at the speed of light, and we’ll be there to show you what that looks like!


Questions Answered

Who is Alexander Leaman??
[Jason] – Alexander is my middle name – I’ve always used it for my photography business for a couple of reasons; I got the idea from my father in-law who was a graphic designer, and for his whole career he always used (one of ) his middle names – I kind of liked that. I also wanted to have a simple line between my private life and my professional life – when I set up the website over ten years ago it seemed like the obvious (to me, anyway) thing to do. And it works. I generally have the luxury of being of one two people at any one time to different people, if that makes sense? No? Just call me Jason!

Where Are you?

We cover a large area and have been all over the UK, especially in the South and we want to particularly work throughout Scotland – please get in touch if this is you.

Do you travel?
[Jason] – Yes I do – I’m based in Godalming, Surrey, which is just south of Guildford, and now split my time between Godalming and Glasgow. I now consider myself to be pretty much nationwide with a high concentration of weddings coming from Surrey and the South. I don’t charge for travel up to 50 miles from where I’m based, and then any further than that is just a small fee for extra time and expenses. When I have to travel further still I may need to stay over the night before, so hotel expenses are the thing.

We’re interested, how do we book you?
[Carrie] – Something that we’re very proud of here is how easy we’ve made it to get your wedding photography booked and sorted, leaving you to get on with everything else without having to worry about it. Were like many of your suppliers in the fact that we often get booked far in advance, especially for the summer months. Jason should  have at least two meetings with clients before the wedding. It’s part of it, and a great way to cover some ground – talk about the details, and get to the style of photography you’re after, as well as putting a face to a name, too. A retainer of £200 secures the date and once you’re confirmed we’re all yours.

What about the copyright?
[Jason] – This is the question I get asked the most. It’s not as complicated as some would have you believe. Simply put you get all of your wedding photographs in full resolution, ready to print. There’s no digital watermark and you have the freedom to carry on reprinting your pictures. There’s another question here, too – I’ve been asked a couple of times if I will give the RAW files. In short, the answer is ‘No’ – You get the high resolution, amazing looking JPEGs – I answered the question in great depth here so please do take a look.

Are you insured?
[Jason] – I’m a recommended photographer for some of Surrey’s absolute best Wedding Venues, including Loseley Park and Clandon Park in Guildford, Ramster Hall, and a couple of other venues I’d rather keep a secret – some in Hampshire, some in Dorset. I couldn’t exist as a professional photographer without all of the correct public liability and Professional Indemnity insurances. I also make sure that I insure the safety of your images with an elaborate backup routine with on site, off site, and cloud backups of everything.

Why Alexander Leaman Photography? My friend’s just bought a camera and she said she’d do it for a few quid and a bit of cake!
[Jason] – This is my favourite!  Anyone with a good camera can now be a Wedding Photographer? There’s always lots of discussion about this especially now we live in a digital age where cameras and computers are getting better by the day. All the clichés are true – Your wedding can’t be repeated, and you can’t go back and do it all again. The photographs are truly the one way of keeping your memories for years to come, and very often the only thing (apart from your new spouse, of course) that you’ll get to take home after the show. There are no second chances. I keep myself very busy because time and time again I get the results that discerning couples expect, and deserve. I will shoot your wedding personally, without an assistant, second shooter, or anything else unnecessary. My Wedding Photography is regularly featured on some of the UK’s top wedding blogs showcasing real weddings in all their glory. I’ve been published in National Newspapers and magazines and shortlisted for industry awards. I work very hard to make sure that the best possible photographs are captured for you to treasure and keep for years to come. Everything is covered, every sequence rendered with technical skill, backed up with over ten years of experience photographing weddings. Technically it’s a very demanding environment to photograph in, and it’s not a time to chance it and hope for the best. An eye for detail, the immediate environment, the story, and timing all come together while the technical adjustments needed to adapt to any given lighting and physical conditions is a natural ability that doesn’t get in the way. I’m very proud of my work, and the way I interact with you and your guests on the day. I’ll shoot with the latest digital cameras as well as some vintage film cameras too. The finish is important to me and I’m well known for my comprehensive service and beautiful albums. I’m into living life to the full, and enjoying the journey. I’m also up for breaking some rules, doing it my way, and creating something new and exciting. I’ve got more projects and world changing ideas ready to go than I’d dare look at. You don’t have to book your photography with me –  I know that. I work hard to make sure that you will always be happy with your decision. Hopefully you can see something in my pictures that you can see being a good fit for you. I’m all about being relaxed and fun on the day without getting in the way of your schedule or ever taking over. I try to make the prices the least consuming aspect of what I do, though I do get where people are coming from when it comes to budgets. I have a deep connection to the psychology in photography and being able to capture a true essence of people in portraiture is what really drives me. People talk about passion a lot, but I tend to veer off into obsession!

What equipment do you use?
[Jason] – I use a combination of Fuji & Nikon cameras. The Fuji X cameras have made it more possible to blend in to a wedding, and blending in means that I can get closer to the action without upsetting the natural relaxed atmosphere that your guests can enjoy. These cameras are silent in operation and very discrete. And the quality from these cameras is  simply mind blowing.

Help!!! our photographer’s pulled out of our wedding – it’s in two weeks!! are you available? Please?!
[Carrie] – Give us a call! There is sometimes late availability and we’ll always try to do something with the price to accommodate.