Surrey Wedding Photographers Interview – January 2017

I’ve spent a lot of time on the writing of this website. Possibly too much time, I don’t know. 

I’m not particularly a writer.  It’s not where my strengths lie, but I enjoy writing and I enjoy telling a story. 

What’s incredibly hard, and I think a lot of photographers will agree with me here, is writing in a way that gets across a central philosophy without sounding creepy, and also explains a sense of experience or confidence without sounding arrogant. There are a lot of fine lines in between all of that stuff, and once you factor in that, and understand that what you’ve just written can and will be interpreted in any number of ways, you can often end up with a blank screen in front of you wondering where all those ideas have evaporated to.

I’m a photographer. I’m good at that. 

But I don’t think I’ve ever written something that I’m 100% happy with. Maybe 80%. Maybe some other arbitrary number. 

I’m not very good at maths either!

Anyway, today it was lovely to wake up to a message from Alison from Plans & Presents. She’s featured a few of the weddings I’ve photographed before, which is high praise indeed, and I’ve always been very grateful. I love her blog, not only for this reason, but because it genuinely is one of the most highly regarded and universally inclusive Wedding Blogs out there. It seems to me that Alison’s niche market is along the lines of “If it’s good quality, it’s in” and with that comes a wealth and diversity of real weddings that are interesting, often unique, and always, always full of inspiration and a kind of wholesome goodness that just shines.

At the end of last year Alison interviewed me as a featured Wedding Photographer to be up on her Blog, and along with a few photographs, that interview was published today. The interview format is great for me because I don’t have to write it on my About Me page or my Blog! And it’s great publicity too, which is a great way to start the new year for me. 

Thanks Alison, let’s talk again soon

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Surrey Wedding Photographer interview

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