Just a quick one from today – Leanne and Sam’s engagement session was always going to be a bit of a giggle (a lot actually), and we found the most amazing place to capture them at their best. Today they managed to leave the kids behind and spend some time together for our pre-wedding engagement shoot. And they took full advantage!

We had a lovely day for it too, which is nice, and “you can’t ignore blossom on a tree like that” kind of became our motto for the day. Great for me to be able to stand back and give these guys some room, and make no mistake, this was a powerful and emotional shoot. Any of you young parents will know how precious even a few hours are together and these guys locked in to each other just to say hi and let themselves get carried away with something as small as just a bit of eye contact. Perfect in every way.

And no, I can’t tell you where this is! But I can take you there. ;)


springtime blossom engagement shoot


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