Kathryn & Richard, Engagement Shoot, South Bank, London.

If you’ve been out around the South Bank lately you will have seen ‘The Festival of Love” in all it’s colourful glory. Colour everywhere. Rich, vibrant, in your face colour. IO couldn’t wait to get down there…

I love the South Bank for sessions, especially a pre wedding engagement shoot – our ‘Together Shoot’. It is organic, and ever changing – the perfect backdrop for relaxing in London.

More often than not i like to take people somewhere a little more discrete. Richmond park, Kew or Wisley Gardens, or sometimes even a walk in the woods behind your house, essentially getting away from the public eye so we can concentrate on getting under the skin of the psychology of your portrait shoot. There’s a bit of walking and a lot of talking from me, and by the end of the shoot people feel much more relaxed and a lot less stressed about what to expect at their wedding. As it turns out it’s not all that bad having your picture taken! Who knew?

Having your engagement shoot somewhere like the South Bank in London is something else. Not better or worse, just different. For me it’s a challenge to find something new or coherent as a story, even if it’s just a small one. In this case the story is obvious perhaps, but was a great platform for Kathryn & Richard to try out some ideas and get comfortable in front of the camera. Their test was really how to do all of this in front of about a zillion pairs of eyes (I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s fairly busy down by the river on a sunny evening) – but they nailed it, and it’s pretty good practice for the wedding when they’re ultimately the centre of attention.

The secret is, of course, that save for a passing glance nobody is remotely interested in why you’re having your picture taken as they go about their busy busy lives and to all intents and purposes you are in some way invisible. And so we get some great shots, and importantly yogurt to feel more confident and relaxed about your wedding photography.

I love my ‘Together’ Shoots! They’re always a great way to get to know a bit more about each other and a great way to make sure your wedding pops and sparkles that little bit brighter.


Colourful Engagement Photography on Fuji CamerasEngagement Photography pre wedding shoot in London South Bank colourfulWedding and portrait photographer in Londonvibrant portrait engagement pre wedding shootEngagement Photography on Fuji Cameras
All photographs were created with the Fuji ‘X’ Camera system, including: X-T1, 56mm, X-E1, 27mm, X100s with Wide Converter, Capture One Pro.

The Together Engagement Shoot is exclusively included in the Core Package price – please ask for details.

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