The ‘Core Package’ was something that I fleshed out around 10 years ago as the grounding philosophy of what we do at Alexander Leaman photography. Today I’ve found that another successful photographer is offering his pricing based on the rather cleverly titled ‘Core Options’ and it pissed me off.

I’m not saying that I own the concept, but the fact is it’s an approach that I have developed over the years and it’s become a philosophical underpinning of what I do and how I’ve created a product that puts my clients in control of their wedding photography with both high end luxury products in mind as well as budgets.

It might just be a few words: “The Core Package”. I’ve got no trademark on that, right? Do Asda tell you “Every Little Helps”? Do Puma suggest that you “Just Do it”?

Ok, ok, I get it – Alexander Leaman Photography and the Core Package are hardly international identities, but still…

Simply put, the Core Package is everything you need from your wedding photographer. You know what it’s going to cost from the start and you can add to your package at your discretion. The photography you receive remains the same consistent high quality no matter how much you spend.

And my clients love that approach.

Occasionally, less experienced photographers might copy your style, or even ask for guidance, and it has happened that photographs of mine have been screen grabbed from my site and used in someone else’s portfolio. It’s happened to a few photographers I know, and it’s widely understood that it’s the wrong way to go about things!

As annoying as that may be, it’s almost understandable, and perhaps if you’re being generous it might be flattering (ok, maybe not, but you get my meaning).

However, when an established and respected(!) photographer lifts an idea or philosophy and blatantly passes it off as his own, it’s deeply unprofessional and rude and frankly he should know better.

The wedding photography industry is very competitive and ‘hot’ place to be and the best photographers are the ones who cut their own path with integrity and a professionalism that wouldn’t dream of copying a fellow photographer, let alone stealing images, ideas, or even something as simple as a few words on a pricing page that ‘mean nothing’.

The same thing happened not so long ago, when I stumbled across another local photographer advertising his ‘Together Sessions” (My engagement and portrait shoots have long been called the “Together Shoot”)

What is wrong with people??!!

At least I know that I’m leading the pack (Haha) – perhaps I should be flattered…

If you happen to find yourself on these websites (and no, I’m not going to name names here – they know who they are, and they’re obviously following this by now) please do let me know.

Or don’t. Or let them know.

I really don’t know what’s to be gained….

At least let me know what you think.


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