Clandon Park’s Principle Wedding Photographer’s last wedding at this stunning venue

I’m going to write more about Clandon probably through the Summer as we find out more in the aftermath of the fire that ripped through the building on April 29th. The whole building was gutted and thankfully everyone, staff and volunteers escaped unhurt.

The last week has been a scramble to get all of my clients who were booked in for this Summer and next, adjusted and re-organised, and re-located. I think we’re mostly there now, but it has taken up nearly all of my time. Being known as Clandon’s Principle Wedding Photographer” has also meant that a lot of couples who hadn’t booked me have been on the phone trying to find out more about what’s going on and what’s next. I’ve been trying to help as many of you as I can, but I also have to put my clients first as we try to get a handle on this Sumer’s bookings.

Clandon will always be a huge part of my history – I’ve shot so many weddings there and I’ve seen so many couple’s stories turn a page there that it has become ingrained in the fabric of what I do. Every wedding I have walked away from has left me with a grin on my face from ear to ear as the party dance off into the night. It’s a very special place indeed.

Clandon Park House has always had such a presence and history that it’s always felt like it’s own character. Strong, graceful, and defiant. I have no doubt in my mind that the building will come back to life somehow, and be a new and inspiring beginning for more new stories to begin.

I was there on the Friday before the fire photographing this beautiful wedding – Laura & Callum. To me the fire has forced me to look back over a whole load of weddings at Clandon, as I look at celebrating the life of the building rather than commiserating the loss.

There’s lots of work to do, but for now here are just a few photographs of this gorgeous wedding.

Viva Clandon Park!


The Last wedding photographed at Clandon Park in Surrey before the fireClandon Park wedding photography of tables set up for the wedding breakfastStatues in Clandon's Marble HallClandon's once magnificent Marble Hall Ceiling, now destroyed by fireOutside the Portico entrance of Clandon Park House - The Bridal PartyRear elevation of Clandon Park photographed by Alexander Leaman PhotographyOne of the Tapestries from Clandon Park housePaintings and wall hangings at Clandon Park house days before burningBlack and White Photograph of Bride and Groom getting marriedAnother view of Clandon Park House before the fireWedding Photography at Clandon Park Hopuse before the great fireThe Tapestry Room at Clandon Park  just days before being gutted by fireThe last wedding captured at Clandon Park before the fireThe Marble hall photographed just a few days before being destroyed in the fireBridesmaids and groomsmen photographed on the steps of Clandon Park house before the fire

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