I found a lovely little new favourite location today. I’ll definitely be going back. Olive trees, mediterranean walls, and even a bit of sunshine.

These pictures are from the end of the session, though Helen and Matt were fairly relaxed from the get-go. By this point they totally got what they were doing, and now I can’t wait for their wedding in the Summer – it’s going to be a blast.

Nice and colourful and rich Fuji Colours, there’s not much more to say about these, other than in some ways this marks a turning a new corner for me. The new season has really started and photographing couples ahead of this summer’s weddings really drives that home. Spring is really my favourite time for our pre-wedding  ‘Together’ Shoots – the trees are budding, blossoming, and the flowers are up. The weather can be changeable and dramatic, and there’s a feeling of new life, new beginnings.

Technically speaking I’m really enjoying the new cameras I’m shooting, the Fuji X cameras. I’m trying new things,  pushing my creativity into places where the boring old DSLRs didn’t want to travel to.  I really feel like I’m embedded into a personal journey now, much like I felt 20 odd years ago when I was first excited about photography. Change is good, and who knew such a simple change would be so revitalising?


Pre-wedding portrait photographyTogether shoot with alexander leaman photographyCouple's engagement photography in SurreyPre wedding photographyblossom, umbrellas and spring time photoshootThese are really a work in profess – a few from this morning that I like. Just look at those colours…

All frames: Fuji X-T1  with 56mm ƒ1.2 lens.



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