Bre & Michael are lovely. Extremely hard to pin down, but lovely.

They live in Australia. We met over Skype, and then met again a few months when we had a small window of opportunity for a pre-wedding session. We got rained off. I mean it really came down, and there was no chance that we were going to get anywhere near the pictures I had in mind, and even though they were heading back to Oz we had to crack out the diary and re-schedule. It looked like they were landing at Heathrow two weeks before their wedding, which happened to be last Sunday. 

So rain or shine, it had to be done, and yesterday we did it. The pinning down was a necessity. And the sun it did shine. 

We had a great time too. We met in London in the middle of Leadenhall Market at lunch time. Busy. 

Somehow with the jet lag, the sunshine, and the throbbing city, everything came together really well. I wanted to see these two in a chaotic environment to match their busy, multiple destination lifestyle – each place a springboard to another phase in their life. We also found some pretty exotic locations along the way, which seemed to match up with the way Bre & Mike approach their travels. It was just really nice to see them shut out the world around them an focus on each other – us against the world.

Great fun, and I can’t wait to see them both again at their Ramster Hall Wedding in a couple of weeks.

For now, just this one – Bre relaxing between shots at a stunning location. The perfect setting for their London Pre-Wedding Destination session.

Pre Wedding Destination photo session


Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 18mm ƒ2

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