Here’s a quick portrait from a recent session with Richard. He’s also a photographer – we met recently at a wedding where he was shooting video while I carried the stills.  Part of my job is to keep learning and sometimes getting away from the office and trying new things out can get the creative juices flowing. We swapped around a bit during the day and got a chance to try things out – I had some ideas for some lighting and poses that I’m thinking of and Richard managed to get some good pictures of me too – no easy task!

Portrait Photographer in Surrey

I posted something about this yesterday, in a way. Working on your own is great, but you really have to make sure you get out before cabin fever sets in. Having other people around to bounce ideas off and talk about the creative process and the various trajectories you can find yourself on becomes of great value. It depends how you work, I suppose, but a lot of the time photographers can forget to share with each other – it’s a creative swamp where competition might mean survival, but I’ve always seen the benefits of learning from other people and giving the same back.


The social networks are a great way to find out about things and get to know how photographers (amongst others) get to where they’re going. Twitter’s a really obvious place to go for ‘Office Banter’ which is great when often there’s only either myself or Carrie in our office, maybe only occasionally both at the same time. I’m fortunate in the fact that I have a couple of friends, outside of the social networks, that I can book in either phone or Skype sessions for us to try to push on each other’s ideas. My friend (another) Jason is incredible at pulling good ideas and concepts from minimal beginnings. My brother Jon is an insanely talented musician and producer – everything he’s done is has come from nowhere, and he’s found a way to shine a light on some of my projects just because he’s deeply embedded in his own creative process.

It’s the kind of sharing that I like, and sometimes if the answer is there staring you in the face, it takes someone else to help you focus on it.

So meeting up with new people and discussing things without ego or competition is good news. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to work with Richard again, perhaps on a new project, maybe some more portraits. Who knows?

I’m still playing around with these, but this is one that’s going in the right direction for me. There’s a lot I can work on here, but would be interested to see what people think?

Let me know in the comments..

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