It’s finally here! And it’s gorgeous…

My brain’s been melting in the summer weather we’re enjoying, so I wanted to show you an easy, slowed down engagement shoot with Sarah and Dave who are getting married in a few weeks.

For two people (I’m looking at you Dave!) who REALLY didn’t enjoy being put under the scrutiny of my camera, these two really came across as relaxed, chilled, and photogenic. It’s hard putting yourself out there sometimes, especially if you’re smooching a bit and being intimate with each other – usually in a public place. We all seem to hate pictures of ourselves – I for one find it difficult being the other side of the camera.

That’s what the complimentary Together shoot is for – it gets us out there, and helps you to feel at ease so it’s even more relaxed on your wedding day. It really works. I get to see how you work together as a couple and we can try out poses and get a feel for what it’s like to be photographed.

On another level, it’s a great opportunity to have a bit of a cuddle, and get close. From what I can see this is usually a welcome break from all of the planning and organising that you’ll be in the midst of. Once you let go, and enjoy spending an afternoon with your Mr or Mrs To Be you’ll see it’s a nice way to get into what really matters.

It’s why we’re here!

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