So this site is all new and all live – a complete refresh of everything and a clean slate. It’s built to enable me to post more often and keep more up to date with my clients, social media, and you. What’s got me really excited is having a new sense of freedom to blog about what I want, and what I’m up to now, today – I was finding my old site was constraining me to post pictures which were a certain fit, or a certain look.

So this is the first blog post now that the site is official and I’m showing an image from a recent get together with Jason and Emma – two very good and long time friends who in some ways are a whole load of why I’m here. They mean everything to me and have been a constant source of entertainment and inspiration, truly, from the bottom of my heart. Whenever we get together, the drinks flow and portraits become the last thing anyone’s capable of, but this time I made sure that I took the Rollei and got a couple of snaps.

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