This was one of those edits where everything just happened without a great deal of intervention from me. A real Joy to work on.

Nikki & Hooverney have been on my Radar for nearly 2 years now – their wedding is just around the corner. It was really nice to catch up and re-connect at this point in their journey. The Together shoot is so important to me. It always makes sense to fit one in in the run up to the wedding, whether that’s a week before or 6 months before. Sometimes the weather might really be against us. Sometimes we might have to re-schedule, but it’s always worth doing.

A walk and a talk. It really helps me understand the couple’s wedding and story just that little bit more. I know they’re not always possible, but when they work out the engagement shoots can be a breakthrough part of the process. Another step forward on the journey.

Just One Frame (OK, two then!) from this lovely couple’s giggly Together Shoot.

NIKKI_HOOVERNEY_0088e-shoot Virginia Water 1

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