This whole wedding was JUST SO LOVELY! There were lots to choose from, but this one just caught my eye today. One Frame from Ellen & Harry’s slightly chilly Wedding at Loseley Park.

Loseley Park Wedding Photographer

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Lindsey Holman-Hirst
February 19, 2015
HI Jason Just wanted to say that you must be psychic posting this as Harry needed cheering up as sadly he lost his Grandad today. Ellen and Harry have just moved into a new home and were pouring over photos to put into frames and were having a loving look back at the big day in your lovely album. There were some lovely pictures of his Grandad looking very happy and thinking about such a happy day helped to cheer Harry up so thank you for that x
    February 20, 2015
    Wow Lindsey, that was the most amazing message to find in my inbox this morning - really moving, and please send our love to Harry. It's powerful stuff, and a heartwarming reminder of (one of the reason's) why I'm in so deep with this photography stuff. It means a lot to me when people can connect in such a meaningful way with their photographs, and as life moves on a snapshot can become rare treasure. If there's anything you need from me, then please let me know. Much love x