Recently we finally  landed after what had become a long journey to find the most unique albums that we could lay our hands on. The objective was to source the best modern materials, and print quality and combine that with a way of personalising the finish so that we could end with a completely bespoke album that you can’t get from anywhere else. And the real challenge was always going to be to produce a high quality feature rich album at a great price point, but without ever compromising on quality and finish. We have also put together Folio and Queensberry Albums, beautiful in their own right,  but we’ve been creating something different, refined, genuinely unique, and a great value contender. You get a lot for your money with these books.

I wanted exclusive albums, that even other photographers can’t offer. They would only be available in this finish from Alexander Leaman photography – possibly a big ask, but a few meetings in with different suppliers ~ some of whom I have been working with for years ~ started to show the direction we could take the production. The materials and physical look of the albums was always something I had in mind and now they were taking shape, so we focussed our attention to bringing it all together.

There is a wonderful alchemy of a few different processes to create consistently great looking albums and from the very beginning the price had to be right. Each album is a mixture of fine art printing and hand crafted book binding. Unique, individual, and every order is a one of a kind. Your wedding pictures displayed in the highest regard and seriously without breaking the bank. We’re proud to offer the Alexander Leaman Photography ‘Fusion’ Range, and we think you’re going to love them.

Our framing is in a league of it’s own. I have established loyal relationships with my framers, and they know how to produce exhibition standard frames, to my specification, and to order. This gives us incredible flexibility to adapt the materials to fit you and your style. It also means that we can come up with new and exciting ways to present your favourite pictures, and this summer we’ll be introducing some great new products in this category. Again the fit and finish is designed from the ground up to be exactly what you want and give you as many options and as much control as we can.




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