Oh!! Northbrook Park – how I’ve missed you! I went through a phase of being a regular wedding photographer at Northbrook Park, and then not shooting there for a few months and then again this year I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some amazing weddings at this favourite private venue.

If you’re getting married at Northbrook Park you need to get in touch with me – there’s a whole load of opportunities to get some awesome wedding photographs and have the best, most relaxing wedding you can think of.

Everywhere you look there’s a beautiful background, walled gardens, peacocks (they’ll make sure you know they’re there!), and recently, some gorgeous brides and grooms.

This is just one from Gemma & Adam’s wedding – I’m just going through their edit now. I couldn’t resist putting this one up – just such a lovely expression.

Call it a preview…


Northbrook Park | Alexander Leaman

Gemma & Adam ~ Northbrook Park Wedding Photography

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August 15, 2013
Had a browse through your portfolio and you have some really beautiful images/concepts. It is nice to see a different style of wedding photography. Keep up the good work! Cheers Tom
August 15, 2013
Thanks Tom - appreciate the feedback
gemma fisk
November 20, 2014
Just stumbled across this. Brilliant day. Such happy memories captured by you. Thanks again :)