2 Days before Michelle & Christian held their wedding at Nonsuch Mansion, their house burnt down. Not completely, but not just a little bit either. Proper devastation. I talked with Michelle the day after it happened and she was in surprisingly good spirits. The wedding was going ahead and nothing was going to stop them from having an unforgettable day.

And sure enough, it was a blinder! Really lovely weather, and Nonsuch Mansion is the ultimate stylish venue. Very private, very intimate, and really easy going. No stress.

In fact it was a real show of friendship and family, as people celebrated into the night moving forward, positive, and truly having the best day of their lives without any thought about the bad that life can throw at us all.

Genuinely moving, and it was a real privilege to be their wedding photographer. I can’t wait to get back to Nonsuch Mansion for the next one…

This is a little out take that became included in the final edit. It’s just a little moment that felt tender and calm amongst the chaos.


Nonsuch Mansion Wedding Photographer

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September 4, 2013
Had my wedding reception there 25 years ago ! Was lovely then and still is !