The amount of times I hear that staged shots, or formal photographs are just something that people don’t need at their wedding, it’s untrue. It’s just a way of avoiding what’s in front of you and actually quite hard to get right. They’re often spontaneous and ridiculous and determined by more than a few often restricting factors. In this case, the rain forced us to find a quiet spot that would not only fit everybody in, but look good doing it!
It’s not particularly fashionable talking about this stuff, but EVERYONE shoots formal group shots, and if they don’t publish them it’s because it bursts the reportage bubble. I haven’t had a single couple (!) who didn’t want some pictures of people at their wedding standing in a line and looking at the camera. In nearly 15 years.

It’s time to own your group shots!

I’m going to get into this in an upcoming blog post, but for now, here’s a favourite from last week’s brilliant wedding at Ramster Hall. A sneak peek at Hetty and Ben’s Wedding.


Surrey Wedding Photographer photographs bridal party group photo at Ramster Hall


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