I’ve always photographed weddings, it seems, and started shooting weddings long before I was married myself, so it goes that when we had children I quickly became a newborn photographer. It’s not something I ever planned, but along the way I’ve inevitably met other parents, and along with friends who’ve had kids, this has meant I’ve been around to capture the moments as they come around.

There are lots of moments!

Photographing children isn’t always the easiest, but it’s fun and challenging, and every time I photograph a family I come away knowing something new again. It’s an incredibly fast way to learn certain skills as a photographer, and has only helped my improve my wedding photography skill set. 

Newborns are somehow easier. When your baby is box fresh and brand new he or she is an absolute joy to photograph (most of the time!). It just takes a little planning, and a little spontaneity and you can get some lovely pictures to remember those first amazing few weeks. 

Since partnering with Corporate Baby we’ve been able to offer a huge discount on newborn shoots. Have a look here to find out all about it. 

If you’re expecting or if you’ve just had your baby, then now’s the time to get in touch.

This is Evie. She was two weeks old last Friday.

Surrey Newborn Photographer

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