I’ve got an idea….

My two girls are starting school in a few weeks. It’s exciting times, but it’s also heartbreaking if I’m honest. So much has happened over the last 4 years – it’s hard to believe we’ve come to yet another new adventure and things are changing so fast.

Everybody tells you this when you’ve got kids, but it’s impossible to fathom until you’re in the eye of the storm.

We pulled them out of nursery so we could enjoy our last true Summer of Love before they started their whole new routine, and we’re having a great time.

When they left Nursery a photographer popped in to take some pictures of them with their little friends and we were really looking forward to getting them as keepsakes before they started on their new journey. I didn’t buy the pictures. I would have done if they were any good, but none of them told me anything about my daughters or about who they are at this time in life before everything changes. There’s also the element of being obliged to buy what you get no matter how good or bad they are (expensive, too) and I know parents who did buy them only because they simply haven’t got an alternative.

Instead I set up a backdrop in my garden and took some portraits of them as they are today. Their personalities, their innocence, their playfulness.

Their uniqueness.
children photographers
I’m going to be setting up “Mini Sessions” through September, for parents like me who don’t want the standard “school photograph”. If you want them in their first School uniform, then that’s cool too.
You can have some quick photographs taken to the standards that you should expect. You can be there with your child to help them relax. I can help them find their space. A quick, in-and-out job. And you get 2 pictures per child on a disk.
You can print them all you like, or you can get me to print them for you.
No obligations.

**Mini sessions, 15 minutes, 2 High resolution files. £50
For Siblings add £25 per child.
If you have twins, like me, then add just £10!

This is a one off offer, through Facebook, so please share this to everybody.  You can go here to add a comment, like, and share all you can.

If there’s enough interest (Please do let me know as soon as you can) I’ll set up a date and a location and we’ll get you booked in.

**This offer is based on booking in to a time slot at a location in Surrey. The ‘Connection’ and ‘Newborn’ Sessions are not effected by this offer and remain unchanged.
Please don’t bring all your mates for a photo booth style adventure – this is really for people with young children!




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August 14, 2013
Good idea Jase. A's sample photos came back from nursery in B&W but with very poor contrast, so requested £15 each jpg to print myself and see if colour would give a better result.... 72dpi images were sent to me on this disk...... eventually got the 300 after emailing photographer direct. Surely photographer should know better? Most peeps would have just said 'okay' at the start... Your 'Mini Sessions' are perfect for any time of year too, Even though I do take plenty photos of the kids and some of them really work, but I still always wish i had more/better ones as the clock never goes back.. But right now, this really is a summer of love-as our kids are in the last few weeks of being free. Which reminds me, must iron in all those annoying name labels. xxxx