So. I’ve been busy of late, which is why I haven’t been filling in the blog.

I’ve been shooting whatever camera I’ve needed to shoot with, and for the last couple of years that’s meant Nikon SLRs (Single lens reflex), some Polaroid, some TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) film cameras, 35mm film – anything.

For weddings it’s been primarily DSLRs. They’re awesome. Nikon lenses are amongst the absolute best, and the cameras have become a part of my vocabulary. The D800 in particular is a perfect tool- a very capable camera. I still have one and I still have some lovely Nikon lenses, but lately, they’ve been staying in the bag…

I’ve been using Fuji ‘X’ cameras since the first X100 which quickly became my Camera #1. A great many of us fell in love with Fuji at this point. At last it seemed that a camera company was making a beautifully crafted tool that was all about creating photographs and less about adding new features and competing with other brands. It was quirky, but rich with image quality and the fun factor built in. Other X cameras have come since and the updated X100s remains one of the finest cameras I’ve had the pleasure of using.

Then came the X-T1 – released just this year and promising so much. With the 56mm portrait lens released at the same time I now had all of the reasons I could need to think about changing my way of shooting. And that’s what I’ve been doing. And that’s what’s been a lot of fun.

Philosophically, leaving behind DSLRs is a hugely significant move for me, and not one that I thought would be so easy, for me, at least. But it’s already enabling me to advance beyond the limitations of carrying such a large system of cameras as I’m used to. Image quality and speed of capture make shooting with these cameras more in line with how I like to work, and it’s already opening up new doors and refreshing my creativity. The unmistakable Fuji quality is more akin to film shooting than the DSLRs could be, and there are so many levels to how and why, it’s simply amazing how much Fuji have crammed into these tiny boxes!

I’m going to expand on this over the coming weeks, but for now I just wanted to come up for air, and get back onto the blog, before racing out of the door to another shoot.

If you have any questions, please get in touch, but for now, just One Frame from Carrie and Andy’s Together shoot today at Wisley Gardens.


Fuji X-T1 sample images and first impressions

Fuji X-T1, 56mm 1.2

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