I’m back from an extended family holiday. By extended I mean two weeks in Wales with my wife and kids, and very limited wifi…bliss.

I’ve not always found it hard to take a break from things, but this holiday was quite a tough one (as far as the photography’s concerned) as we’ve been right in the middle of a lot of production, new website launches, new product launches, and more production.

On top of that I received an unprecedented level of enquiries while I was away, which I managed to catch up with and consultations and meetings and bookings are under way. If you’re waiting to hear from me I’m getting back to everybody today and tomorrow, but please be patient as I dig into my emails.

If you need to get back to me, or you want to book a date in the diary, then I’m now back in the office, and taking calls. The more the merrier…

I’ve had an amazing break and I love spending time with my family more than anything else. My children are amazing, and we’ve found the perfect little bolt hole somewhere in the middle of north Wales. It can rain all day long, and does, and it doesn’t matter. There’s something really lovely about that. It’s lush, and it’s alive, and invigorating, and aside from the lost time on the practical and the admin, I always come back to the office refreshed, with new ideas, and raring to go. It’s sometimes just the most restorative thing I can do at the tail end of a manic and busy summer of weddings.  To create some distance enables me to see where I can make improvements and push my creativity even further. It’s this opportunity for such an overview that I relish and I can’t wait to get into some of the projects and new ideas I’ve got lined up.

Room to think, room to breathe.

So, it’s all coming down on me this week, like the rain came down on me during the time off.

I’m ready. I can take it…


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