The First dance, and then the party that follows straight afterwards, is one of my favourite parts of the day. Why? because I never know what to expect. A Wedding Photographer faces the challenges of a million different types of lighting at every wedding, and often what you might presume to be the worst case scenario with some bad weather can force you to do something creative on the spot. It’s usually something that I haven’t planned for and I have to think fast to get something spectacular in any situation. I like not knowing what’s coming and adapting to the moment.

This wedding was a series of me doing just that all day long – making it up as I go. And I loved it.

By the time these two got on to the dance floor all kinds of the unexpected were thrown in to the mix and by that time we were flying anyway. An opportunity to just go with it all.

I don’t know how long they were held up in the chairs for, but it looked  like a lot of fun.

Not for those scared of heights.

Documentary Wedding Photographer in Surrey

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