Beautiful Bride and Groom Portrait from Busbridge Lakes in Surre

Celebrating Light

This is from Mari’s & Sean’s sun drenched wedding last weekend. I’m a little struck with just how many magical pictures I’m getting to in this edit, one after the other, hit after hit. It’s a real joy. Of course, the wedding itself had so much that was right about it and Busbridge Lakes is shaping up to be a very special venue indeed. I’m actually the first and only photographer to have photographed weddings there since Busbridge launched this Summer, and working hard with the team at the venue including Blank Canvas Weddings it’s really showing itself to be the Surrey venue to watch and look out for in the coming seasons.

For now, just a nice little treatment on one of Mari & Sean’s photographs from the day.

If you’re planning your wedding for next year, I urge you to have a look at Busbridge Lakes, and give me a call if you need any advice. Between myself and the team running the event, everything is open and up for collaboration. It’s just great to be at the start of something that I’m sure won’t stay secret for too much longer.


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