Just a quick one today. Actually that’s all it was, and sometimes that’s a great way to be!

One of the main reasons to have an engagement photography  session is to get a handle on what sort of time we might have on the wedding day. Having the e-shoot (The Together Shoot) with me means that you can find a bit of space to connect with each other and if you’re nervous or feel that you’re awkward in front of the camera, then it goes a long way to settling those feelings. By the time we’re through, and we’ve had a chance to catch up on the wedding timings and plans, and we’ve broken the ice a bit, we’re all ready for the day.

It’s a massive help to me, but mostly I find that it puts all of my couples in a great frame of mind. Everyone chills out a bit.

With Ellen and Callum they only had a short amount of time, and they jumped in to it really quickly. Naturals. And sometimes there’s no point pushing for more and more – I just love it when we get a strong set of images, thinking on my toes and finding some precious spontaneity. I also get to experiment a little and work on new poses and ideas that are relevant to the couple. These guys were all about the giggles, but there were occasionally moments of intensity, like this one. If you push too hard for that it goes away – but lining things up and being ready for that part of the story can pay off.

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