On a personal note, Edwen, our third and favourite (only joking Martha & Rose xx) child recently passed that huge milestone, which is one whole year. For his birthday, we went not too far down to Wittering for a bit of seaside, and some sand (mostly to be found in the packed lunch – #fail), and some actual sun. We were lucky – we got our sun, even if it meant getting blown to smithereens by the coastal wind.

More and more I’ll take a film camera for these occasions – in this case a Yashica MAT 124G medium format TLR. I only mention it because I would usually go for my Rolleiflex, but I think the Yashica deserves a mention. I think it will far too often get snubbed in favour of the more expensive competition, but it’s a beautiful camera to use once you get over it’s characteristic crankiness, and I think the lens holds up well against the Zeiss on my Rolleiflex T. The Yashica even has an advantage or two once you start running film through it…

Anyway, I love this picture, and in the end it doesn’t matter what I used to capture it with. It’s Edd, on the beach, when he turned one, and it’s a keeper. A nostalgic hit for me, too, as I’m sure that there’s close to identical pictures of me and my brothers in my parent’s family albums somewhere. It’s a reminder of the timeless fine art quality of film, and the effect that seemingly ordinary pictures can have and it’s also a jolt back through my own childhood as history repeats. It’s priceless for that.



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