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Note: The Core Package and Core Collections are very much seen as an original concept with regards to Wedding Photography Services and is felt to be the very identity and centre of what makes us unique at Alexander Leaman Photography. (Over) 10 years ago The Core Package was designed and introduced by me (Jason Alexander Leaman) as a way of clarifying and simplifying the booking of wedding photography and further products and services, and has become a benchmark in wedding photography services – something that my clients know will give great value and the ultimate flexibility to stay in control of their budget. It is also something that competing photographers have failed to emulate. Other photographers will and have copied The Core Package (or variations of) and incorporated it in to their own pricing structure, but have never been able to match the standards and value that we’re proud to offer at Alexander Leaman Photography.

It should be recognised that copying the Core Package by name and/or concept and the original ideas within is essentially theft of the intellectual property and concepts of Alexander Leaman Photography. 


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