For the Phillipa Hogan School of Dance Performance  of Coppélia we exclusively documented the show as well as photographing all of the talent for their individual portraits. The show really was magnificent, and we’re delighted to be able to show you your pictures.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Phillipa personally for inviting us to photograph the event. We’ve endeavoured to independently create our unique brand of beautiful photography, giving everybody in the cast their own moment in front of the camera, so we could in turn give you access to high quality portraits of your child. Phillipa has been kind enough to waive any commission from any prints, downloads, or other products to help us keep costs down below market rate. We both want these pictures to be all about marking such a special time in all of the cast’s lives, and that means making the prints, downloads, and the Show Books accessible.

We’re very proud of the pictures. We think that they’re a cut above just about any photography experience you can have at this level. We’ve found a way to make the prices good value (compared to school photos for example), and have managed to create a high quality, highly detailed, and powerful document of the show. Striving for such high standards was always going to be the only level to aim for when working alongside Phillipa and her team – anything less would have been unacceptable to us, and we’re so happy that it all came together so well.

We hope you love them too.

How to use the gallery

Each member of the cast has been given his or her own gallery, and each gallery is named after the talent.

Find your gallery by looking for your name and click on that gallery. Please note that some children appear in two or more galleries so please look out for that.

You will need to enter your email address to access the gallery and see the pictures. This is designed to give you some security and each email registration is sent to us so we can monitor who’s looking at your pictures. (We do not share or reveal your email address to anyone). 

Please only access the gallery or galleries that are relevant to you. 

You will be given a guide to the galleries once you are logged in, explaining how to view and purchase prints or downloads.


The displayed watermark will not be printed on your purchased photograph.



Click here to access the personal galleries : Coppélia

The Show Book Is Ready to Order!

We’ve been hard at work putting together the final phase of the Coppélia Production.

A unique and very much bespoke high quality souvenir keepsake – The Coppélia Coffee Table Show Book.

Beautifully presented in high quality photographic print over 42 pages with ‘lay flat’ binding, these books are the ultimate memento of this incredible performance. Lovingly created to showcase the highlights from the performance.

We have also created a gallery of the selected images which will appear in the book, plus some extras. These are available to purchase separately from the link below. Individual 5×7 prints are £6, and there are bundle deals available too. 

Book Prices

Standard Purchase –  £94.50

Preview and Pre-Order your book here: Coppélia Book Preview

Purchase individual prints  here: Coppélia Book Individual Prints

You will need to enter your email address to access the gallery and see the pictures. This is designed to give you some security and each email registration is sent to us so we can monitor who’s looking at your pictures. (We do not share or reveal your email address to anyone). 

We are taking pre-orders now for the Show Book and will be Printing the first batch of orders at the end of March. Books will be available to collect from your child’s dance class after the Easter holidays.


Please direct any queries or questions you have to us here at Alexander Leaman Photography (we don’t bite!)





Prints are available to purchase, either individually or in a package offer. These are professional colour calibrated prints on high quality photo lustre archival paper. A beautiful way to showcase your portraits.


We know that people like to print and share their pictures freely so we have included a fantastic ‘Download All’ option. Downloads are High Resolution without the watermark. All of the files in the gallery. 

You can print and share at your convenience, and this represents great value without restriction.

The book features photographs from the actual performance – a story from start to finish with an introduction by Phillipa Hogan. Printed on heavyweight photographic lustre paper, and cased in a hard cover, this is the ultimate souvenir from the incredible ballet performance itself.

Sharing and next Steps

If you do want to share these photographs via Facebook (or other social media) please do so sensitively. Please be aware that a lot of the cast are very young children and the internet is a very big place! We, as the license holders, cannot be held responsible for how you choose to share (or not) your photographs, but please be vigilant. 

That said, we love seeing our photography on social media, so please do tag Alexander Leaman Photography if you’re posting onto Facebook. You can find us here : and we’d very much like it if you could Like our page and follow us there. We’re always posting updates and it’s a great way to keep in touch.

We are also asking if you could leave us a review on our Facebook page. It’s really easy to do, and if you love the pictures a comment about why you do would be gratefully received.

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