I wanted to put a largish set of pictures together for you for this wedding. Like any other weddings this one became very intense very quickly, and there was early talk about what it means to be photographed together as a couple, and how that might be the same or different than a traditional boy/girl wedding. The obvious thing to do would be to go for the jugular and shout Gay all over the place, but honestly I wanted to approach this as I always do – create the best possible document of two people in love, celebrating in a big way. That’s it.

Chris and Richard met before the guests arrived and before the ceremony – joint hosts, confident, though with a peppering of nerves thrown in. Richard arrived in a gorgeous car arranged by his sister aka his ‘Best Woman’, and with Clandon Park being quite a formal looking venue, we started the day with a couple of portraits in front of the building.

Into the ceremony for a fun, powerfully emotional ceremony, the feeling of support and friendship was starting to gain momentum. You could feel the energy spiking. Real joy and laughter, and the tension diffused as the registrar stuttered over her script almost proclaiming this a ‘Successful Experi…..ence!’ (Yes she went quite red!)

The grooms didn’t need a whole lot of direction from me. I let the day unfold and we had a chance to chat as we walked around the grounds and took a few pictures. They had their bit of space and privacy, and a bit of time together before jumping feet first back into the party.

Dinner was served in a marquee on the grounds and the toasts were a real giggle with Chris’ brother delivering an hilarious speech to a roaring crowd. Seriously, one of the best and most life affirming speeches I’ve witnessed – a bit of nice, and a lot of naughty. Then straight to the bar and the dance floor…

And that was it.

A wedding like any other, but unlike any other at the same time. Of all the statements that could have been made or boasted there was really only one reason that it was such perfection. Two people wanted to declare their love for one another in the comfort of the company of close family and friends. It was honest, direct, and universal. You could only look on and be reminded of the simplicity of that.

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