Brighton Wedding Photographer

I lived in Brighton for a while, and for a while there I had it in mind that I was going to be a Brighton Wedding Photographer, based there and capturing the vibrant weddings that happen in this gorgeous town.

That was a while ago and a lot has changed since then, at least in the fact that I have relocated a few times and now settled in Surrey.

But Brighton will always have a special place in my heart. I think somewhere deep down I still think of myself as living there although I know that it’s more likely not to happen.

So I was digging through some really old and archived weddings today and came across this one – It’s Steve and Chrissie’s wedding from about 100 years ago (it’s actually 2007).

I always really loved a whole load of these photos from what was a beautiful and very intimate wedding on the south coast. And I always really loved this picture in particular – maybe because it in some ways sums up a feeling of us against the world before a backdrop of a cosmopolitan world spinning by, but actually it’s just simply the expression on both of their faces, perfectly framed by a striking background.

They were a great couple to photograph, and great at dancing too.

It’s a bit of a throw back, but nice to give it it’s own space today.


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