Me, Martha and RoseJust a quick note. You might have noticed a few changes to the site recently – the truth is that I’ve been working hard of late and also spring cleaning in more ways than one. There has been some personal stuff that I’ve wanted to keep private and also I’ve simply wanted to break from the routine.

It’s been a year of tens.

Carrie and I have been married for ten years as of May 14th and I’ve been a wedding photographer for over ten years now having worked in the fashion photography world before then. Our beautiful children weren’t even born ten years ago, and now they are our everything.

So I wanted to kick back and re-imagine what wedding photography is to me, and refresh my philosophy on being a wedding photographer. A lot has changed in those 10 years. Wedding photography is not what it used to be. Getting married is not what it used to be. When I photographed my first wedding in 2003 it was all on film and there were no iPhones, no iPads, and no instagram. No Facebook in the palm of your hand. My knowledge of digital cameras and the technology therein was limited to the high end Phase One studio cameras, and perhaps the Canon 1DX was starting to appear in my studio once in a while. Most photographers I knew in the fashion industry were shooting on medium format film – some still do.

Then everything accelerated, and I was there at the right time. I’ve had some really successful years as things have exploded and making the choice to step away from fashion and studios was the right decision for me.

Now photographers are also web designers, marketing professionals, business people, and entrepreneurs. A lot of that stuff I’ve had to learn from scratch making mistakes along the way of course. I have the utmost respect for web designers and videographers – people who have embraced technology way beyond what my pea brain can handle! I never wanted to go into film/video because I prefer to work alone, but those lines have been blurred for some time now. Both Carrie and I have learned to adapt and move with the times. We collaborate. It’s the best way (for me) to eliminate a photographer’s ego if you have two people, or more, working hard to make a body of work perhaps more special or dynamic than it might be with just one person at the helm.

We’ve found a great balance in our photography world, creating wedding and portrait photography that is all about the quality of the work rather than simply my singular vision. I still take all of the pictures and crunch through most of the logistics with the computer and cameras, but having Carrie on board to basically discuss and direct has meant that we’ve been able to uncover some magic along the way. It’s a team effort with two people working to each other’s strengths.

So recently we’ve been looking at how we can evolve again and get back to our core principles, which were always to simplify our approach. Simplify the pricing. Simplify the editing (i.e be better at capturing photographs ‘in camera’ rather than photoshopping everything to death) – no gimmicks, no pretence, no making people perform in front of the camera. The real story always had to be natural, fun, and authentic. Real.

We’ve cut loads of pages from the website making it easier to navigate for one thing, but really because it was starting to get bloated. One of the things that happens after producing so many weddings and blogging for an amount of years is that you end up with a history of content that gets buried. Granted, it’s a first world problem, but none-the-less we’ve actually deleted a lot of pages of content from the archive too.

From a client’s perspective we’ve completely revamped your private galleries and we’re transitioning that as we speak.

Personally, I’ve held back on blogging at all lately, which isn’t great for our SEO, but I felt that the content was starting to live and breathe like everyone else’s website. In fact some of the design elements on the website have been deliberately changed because a photographer (my number one fan?) was copying some of what we are doing here. It’s usually something I would dig my heals in to protect, but we were changing things anyway, so I just moved on. As it turns out that same photographer has since implemented the same changes into his website! I’m not chasing it – I can’t be bothered with it – but it does really annoy me still.

I’ll be catching up with some weddings which I’ll be blogging over the next couple of weeks. But I’m also going to try to move away from the constant promotions drive and too-long blog posts with too many pictures. You’ll find this more conversational from now on with more personal photography and more of me thinking out loud I think. More open and personal.

I’ve got a couple of ongoing feature ideas I want to start and I’d love to collaborate with photographers, artists, musicians on any future projects. If this is you then please do get in touch if you want to talk through some ideas over a pint. There’ll be a new links page coming to the website soon, specifically for wedding suppliers at first. If we’ve worked together and you’re happy for me to recommend and link to you. I’m talking about MUAs and Florists, Boutiques, Cakes whoever you are – we’d love to hear from you.

So thanks for reading and here’s to the next 10 years.

Or so.



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