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Having Twins is Awesome! I know. There’s something in having twins that really only resonates with other people who have also had twins – they know it and you know it.

That’s how I met Lara too – at the twins club. It sounds very twee, maybe, but a club for people who have that thing in common turned out to be a lovely thing. It might sound a little niche, but the members of that club just know that they’re having babies that are two different people but at the same time, and that’s very empowering, or at least it feels like it.

Lara’s girls are about the same age as my girls and they played a lot when they were really young. Little get togethers and play dates – a built in social peer group.

Your lives get busy pretty fast, and Lara especially got really busy with her amazing venture Corporate Baby – you should really check the site out – she’s won tonnes of awards and has an ever-growing success on her hands. Honestly, it’s incredible what she’s done.


So it was my pleasure to be asked to photograph her ever-growing family, and in some ways probably a great solution for organising a hook-up after not doing that for a while. Her kids are awesome. Really fun and giggly and just like my own two, perfectly tuned in to mischief with their sister. Great fun, and a lovely family dynamic with Lara and Nick laughing along and joining in the fun.

Completely natural, and completely fun.

We had a great shoot on a foggy morning somewhere in Guildford. Lara and Nick told me they’d been together for 19 years to the day – how cool is that, and nice to be asked along.

Family Photography Surrey

Family Photography Surrey, Hats

Surrey Photography Family Portrait

Family Portrait Photographer

Surrey Family Portrait Photography

Having kids is pretty great, and yes – they do grow up at just about the speed of life.

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