Us Wedding Photographers usually fear the rain, but it’s not for the reasons you might at first think…

True; it’s not very nice actually physically being rained upon when you’re trying to take the most awesome wedding photographs you can, but that’s surely just a given.

It’s not great being stuck inside trying to make the low lighting workable let alone shooting away in a tight space and in the corner and making it look ‘interesting’.

It’s doable.

No pressure.

For me, I’m not in fear of those restrictions. In fact I relish the challenge and can often come up with a different style of shooting that simply has to be smart and creative. A bit of quick thinking and the confidence to pull it off.

I don’t mind all of that.

I do sometimes feel really sorry for the couple though. Sometimes, you just know  that everybody’s feeling that if it was just a crisp sunny day that the wedding would be so much more comfortable and somehow larger. Sometimes people will look outside and dismiss the idea of going for it and embracing the weather for the sake of a few pics. I get that, and I wish it wasn’t a decision that had to be made, but I’m not going to drag you outside because I have to get my photos!

Ellie and Nigel weren’t that couple, and i love them for coming out with me for a walk to the Royal Exchange. Their reception was just up the road, but it was far enough to get rained on. We got some awesome pictures and felt all cosy and at home in the middle of London.

And you know what? I don’t think I’d have had a better time or more success if it was clear blue skies and cocktails…

Thanks Ellie & Nigel,

Wedding Photographers - A London Wedding in the Rain

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