I tend to shoot out in the sticks quite a lot, and then sometimes I get the chance to run around London Town for what always turn out to be swanky affairs. There’s a certain amount of urgency and logistics with a city wedding and I like the way that it forces me to shoot. I really have to think about my gear a lot and to some extent travel light with only a couple of cameras and 2, maybe 3 lenses. A couple of strobes and that’s me ready to go. There’s a lot of making it up as we go, too, which always yields some exciting wedding photography.

Well Maria and Eoin had an intensely moving day of Greek and Irish, mixed together into some kind of cocktail, and sprinkled with a touch of after hours glamour. I’d never been to a greek ceremony before, and I really enjoyed every part of it. Maria looked stunning and Eoin quietly went about his day looking like the proudest man on the planet.

Here’s a taste of what was a really long and joyful day, and I can’t wait to get into my London bookings this year


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