Laurie & Tim’s wedding was always going to be special, but I didn’t know just how much awesomeness until we were in the middle of it all…

Laurie contacted me and I knew from the outset that I was going to need to approach it slightly differently than I might normally, which is something I love doing – it’s challenging to break the format and try new things and with these two it was really about cutting through the nonsense and the cheese and getting the same drama and experience built in to the pictures.

We met at Penshurst Place for their pre-wedding shoot a couple of months before the wedding. I hadn’t been to Penshurst before and was completely bowled over by the venue. I mean, it’s photo shoot heaven if you’re into rustic, textured history. The great hall is simply stunning to say the least.

The Together Shoot was a particularly sunny day, and we had the chance to be take a lazy walk around the grounds. I don’t always do the pre-wedding session at he venue for whatever reason, but it can be a really useful way to speed up the timings on the day itself, checking out locations and also coming up with a wet weather plan, because, you know, it rains quite a lot! (It didn’t for Laurie & Tim, but there’s no harm in being prepared!).

It also gave Laurie and Tim the chance to tell me exactly how they wanted to be photographed. Some people want me to take the lead on this, and some people have very definite ideas that they want to bring, and these guys fell into the ‘We know what we want” category. The trick with this is to be the wedding photographer who can do both –  personally I love it when people say trust my work enough to be able to throw a few challenges at me. Every wedding is actually varying degrees of collaboration – sometimes it’s more my design, and sometimes it’s more of a direct brief. Knowing which one it’s going to be isn’t always that clear, but I love finding out!

Laurie wanted no coverage of her getting ready, for example, which for someone else might be a big part of their story. So I started with the boys side of things at the pub around the corner. This stuff is easy – getting to know a little about Laurie & Tim as a couple was really the best route in to understanding how to photograph them in a way that they would see as authentic. Not staged, over produced, or cheesy.

Which is lucky because that’s right up my street…

I love these pictures, and hearing some glowing praise from L & T is the best feedback I could want. Being invited in to their private world enough for me to get the pictures they wanted and go beyond those expectations has been nothing but a pleasure.

Penshurst Place – An Outstanding Wedding Venue in the Kent countryside.

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